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Factory Details

Factory Name: Lub House Industries Limited

Location: Narshingdi, Bangladesh.

Specialized Product: Automobile Lubricants

Brief Description: Lub House Industries Limited is an associate company of MAX Group, engaged in lube oil blending and marketing of various grades of lubricants under the brand name 'NATIONAL LUB' in both local and international market. The company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company confirming the specification of API/ISO/MIL. The company has well equipped modern blending unit as well as large quality control laboratory. A good number of technical expertise are maintaining the quality and the standard of the product confirming specifications. We blend almost all variety of automotive and wide range of industrial grades as per demand of the customers. Our expertise also helps the customer to select the right industrial grades to minimize the consumption of lubricants to save the foreign currency of the country. We have established distribution network throughout the country and successfully expanding the business gradually. We have a large number of storage tanks to store the best selective imported base oil of various grades as per our specifications. Also, we are importing the most advanced additives from Lubrizol, Afton, Infineum and other best manufacturers of the globe. Our sales and marketing team solicit the customer's co-operation to render their sincere service. Apart from industrial grades of lubricants we have full range of automotive and the specialties confirming to API specification and the proprietary range of monograde/multigrade engine oils as well as ATF, Brake Fluid and Coolant etc.