Welome to MAX GROUP

Factory Details

Factory Name: Max Industries Limited

Location: Jagir, Manikganj.

Specialized Product: Stainless Steel Crockery Products, Kitchen Utensils and SS Pipes

Brief Description: Max Industries Limited is one of the leading and fastest growing major manufacturing units of the MAX GROUP. It is offering an extensive range of stainless steel crockery products and stainless steel pipes. The plant is located at Manikganj with most modern production and quality processes. It is well equipped for fast delivery and an abundant capacity to meet large orders. Adherence to quality and international standards has made Max Industries Limited one of the distinguished players in the stainless steel Industry of Bangladesh since 2008. The company is known for its rigorous quality control practice that begins right from procuring of raw materials till the final dispatch of the products. The company is specialized in products with lasting appeal and function with 100% in-house production facilities, a team of well qualified designers, engineers, skilled workers, professionals, use of highlymechanized machines and advanced techniques. Through the uncompromising quality standards and consistent efforts, today Max Industries Ltd. is the most reputed name in the market in the production and export of different kind of stainless steel products and stainless steel kitchenware utensils.

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