Welome to MAX GROUP

Factory Details

Factory Name: Max Pre-Stress Limited

Location: Ghatiapara, Banglabandha, Tetulia, Panchagarh.

Specialized Product: Pre-stressed Concrete Sleepers

Brief Description: Max Pre-Stress Limited is the country’s largest supplier of concrete sleepers to the Bangladesh Railway. The company is the country’s first ISO 9001:2008 certified concrete sleeper manufacturing unit. The design for concrete sleepers had been constantly changing in conjunction with the R&D of Bangladesh Railways to suit the changing requirements. The company started manufacturing pre-stressed concrete (PSC) sleepers in its factory established over a 9.47 acres land. Presently, the total area is 11.11 acres with thousands of employees with a total installed capacity of 2,00,000.00 sleepers per annum. The company also envisages the use of special strand wire with higher UTS by which the overall weight of steel per sleepers brought down by 25%.